Sound and healthy sleep

The head of the laboratory for the study of epigenetics at the Institute of Gerontology of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Vayserman claims that each person has an individual sleep norm.
Suppose a person constantly sleeps 8 hours a day, and feels comfortable. If he breaks his sleep pattern and spends six hours on him, he will begin to develop psycho-emotional stress, as well as various stressful conditions. If such a person spends about ten hours sleeping, this can also adversely affect health. For example, Napoleon had only four hours of sleep to feel cheerful, and for many other people this will not be enough.
Each person for normal health independently chooses for himself the duration of sleep that he personally needs. This defined norm should not be reduced or exceeded. It is necessary to constantly ensure that the norm of sleep is respected. You should not spend six hours on weekdays, and spend all twelve on weekends. Sleep on a day off never compensates for lack of sleep on weekdays.
To get a good night's sleep, you just need to go to bed early. But people come up with all kinds of excuses and put off a lot of things for the evening. In order to sleep better, it is good to ventilate the room before going to bed. Those people who follow these simple rules will stay healthy longer, and therefore their life expectancy will be higher. Among other things, the belief that people are both larks and owls is true. In many areas, the lifestyle is oriented to larks, because usually by eight o’clock a person should arrive at work. And it is precisely because of such factors that various diseases that affect life expectancy can develop.
Work at night is generally a disaster for human health, leading to rapid depletion of the body. If a person works at night in his youth, then most likely he may not experience detrimental effects on his health. But over time, and especially with age, it will be harder and harder to recover.
By the way, there is an interesting study of the Mediterranean "diet" on which the inhabitants of Greece, France, Italy, etc. "sit". It turned out that the local population has a lower predisposition to cardiovascular disease than people living in other countries. The main explanation for this phenomenon is not so much in the composition of the foods used, but in the fact that it is customary for the peoples of these countries to rest after eating!


Energy balance

Today, young people are increasingly becoming victims of diseases from which only older people previously suffered. Nowadays, such "senile" diseases as cancer, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular diseases are widespread.
This is mainly due to the use of harmful food and physical inactivity.
Many people who lead a sedentary lifestyle today consume excessive amounts of food.
In order to live longer, it is necessary to include mainly natural and low-calorie dishes in the diet. If your lifestyle does not involve great physical exertion, then for the normal functioning of the body, a daily norm of about 1700 kcal will be sufficient. Thus, a person arranges unloading of all his cells, and helps them maintain a high activity of vital systems of the body.
There are very few people who have survived the 90-year mark, but their characteristic feature is that they are not obese. What can I say about the 90-year-olds! Even after the 80-year mark, fat people are extremely rare.
Almost all leading experts in the field of gerontology argue that the main cause of premature aging is an unbalanced diet. Elderly people should have a balanced and varied diet. This is necessary in order for the enzyme systems of the body to remain highly active, and thereby prevent the development of killer No. 1 in the world - atherosclerosis.
All these troubles can be avoided by eating fermented milk products and vegetable dishes. But elderly people are not recommended to completely switch to plant foods. Fish must be present in their diet, but not fatty, as well as lean meat, eggs.
In everything you need to know a sense of proportion: do not starve or overeat.
The body also needs some stability: you need to eat on a schedule. The best option is to eat four to five times a day, and in small portions.
Elderly people are strongly discouraged from following diets, and unloading days should be carried out in a gentle manner, while controlling their own well-being.
Qualified doctors also recommend that you do not abuse products from distant countries. The abundance of these products, the beautiful packaging and the bombardment of advertising only indicate that retail chains need to sell as much of this product as possible. The health of people for them is usually far from the first place in the system of priorities.
It is best to eat exactly those products that are grown in the country where the person lives. This must be done because the human body is genetically tuned specifically for these foods. Here, for example, in Ukraine they love fat very much, and for residents of Germany this product is unlikely to be useful, because their enzyme system is not tuned to such a peculiar food product.


Get energy from natural sources

Doctor of Medical Sciences, head of the department of the Institute of Gerontology and Rehabilitation Alexander Polyakov argues that in order to improve health, you should move to the countryside. According to him, in such an environment a person will feel more relaxed. Indeed, at almost any age a person is attracted to walks in the fresh air, and if this happens also in an environmentally friendly environment, it will be just fine. With the onset of summer, most retirees try to move to their dachas and work in the garden. Clean air and moderate exercise prolong the life of a person.

But not always a sharp move to the countryside may be useful. For example, if people lived in a city for a long time, and then moved to a village, then this can be detrimental to health (pressure may increase, arrhythmia can begin).

Living in the mountains also helps to stay healthy and live longer. Most well-known physiologists claim that the reason for the longevity of mountain residents is a reduced oxygen content in the air, as a result of which the oxidation processes in our cells slow down, which means that the aging process stops.


Full and friendly family

A favorable close environment has a positive effect on health. According to statistics, the vast majority of centenarians are surrounded by the care and support of loved ones.

Medicines that can prolong life simply do not exist. But the ancient sages, left behind a beautiful expression: "We stop loving, not because we begin to grow old, but grow old, because we stop loving." And as long as a person has someone to love, while he feels the attention and care of loved ones, he is not afraid of many ailments and stressful situations.